Drive-Rite Height Sensor - Extended Arm

Product Code:DR.35.017403


Part Number DR.35.017403
Height Sensor Type Universal
Cross Reference Number DRV.7403.1
Mounting Holes 2x M5 holes
Sensor Range ±34°
Arm Length Max 245 mm (130 mm + 115mm)
Fitting on Link arm M8 x 1.5 Thread
Protection Rating IP66*
*dependent on connector
Operating Temperature -40°C -> 125°C


Special Notes

  • The Drive-Rite Height Sensor is supplied with a bult in rotating arm.
  • The DR.35.017403 height sensor has a pre-assembled linkage arm of 130mm and an additional link arm of 115mm.
  • An M8 x 1.5 threaded fitting is supplied at the end of the linkage arm.

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IntelliRide is a fully automatic, Electronically Controlled Air Suspension (ECAS) System. When fitted the system provides comfort while maintaining a programmed ride height irrespective of the load. Multiple vehicle heights are available at the push of a button.

The Height Sensor is a precision tool used to measure the change in height of the chassis to the axle.

Product Range

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