AMK Air Spring Compressors - Original Versus Copy

Date:Mon, December 02, 2019 , 10:00AM


In the automotive industry, forgery of branded products is increasingly becoming a problem. Original products are copied and sold at seemingly cheaper prices. However, the goods are often a poor reproduction and can end up costing both the workshop and the driver more. In our first update for 2019, we have put together the benefits of using original products for you.


Why buy original?
The excellent efficiency and workmanship of AMK compressors means the pressure required is achieved within a short space of time. This has a positive effect on the service life and performance of the compressor. The original product is also more impressive when it comes to noise and vibrations.

Very high quality standards
AMK compressors for the independent after-market are 100 % compliant with the specifications of the vehicle manufacturer. The compressors are produced in Germany under the same production conditions as for the OE/OES equipment. Every AMK compressor delivered has successfully passed a function and performance test.

Our recommendation
Use AMK compressors and benefit from increased customer satisfaction and lower complaint rates. This is better for your resources and especially your sanity!
Only buy from authorised dealers and check that the compressor has AMK branding on the magnetic valve and the motor housing.


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