Drive-Rite Heavy Duty Air Accessory System - Dual

Date:Thu, September 27, 2012 , 11:57AM

Drive-Rite Heavy Duty Air Accessory System - Dual

Part Number - WR1-760-2436

Keeping your vehicle level and handling correctly is simple with Drive-Rite’s air accessory systems. Drive-Rite air accessory systems offer fingertip control of your air helper springs. These systems are designed to
work with any air helper spring kit. By adding a Drive-Rite air accessory system, the air helper springs can be adjusted at any time without having to look for an air source. It’s easy to maintain the ride you want regardless of the load or road conditions.

Dual gauge operation inflates the rear air springs independently to level off-centre loads.

Why use a Drive-Rite air accessory system?

• Instant adjustability of your air helper springs
• Continuous monitoring of the suspension
• Convenience

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