The added support your suspension needs for towing

Date:Tue, November 24, 2015 , 12:42PM

Drive-Rite Air Suspension Solutions


Don’t let massive bumps, potholes and sharp turns give you road-wince. Get the additional, individually-adjustable support you need to balance your vehicle both front-to-back and side-to-side, so you can tow with comfort, confidence and control.

1 -  Keeps the vehicle level so headlights don’t aim too high

2 - Increases steering control and braking effectiveness

3 - Enhances your ride comfort with a heavy load in tow

4 - Improves appearance (won’t sag to either side – or either end)

5 - Installs easily between the frame and axle

6 - Adds life to suspension through additional support and reduced bottoming out

7 - Reduces tire wear by balancing out your vehicle regardless of load placement

8 - Prevents heavy loads from making your vehicle dangerously unbalanced

9 - Protects cargo with less bottoming out

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