Generic Compressor & Twin Gauge Kit

Date:Wed, June 03, 2015 , 12:56PM

Available now - Generic Air Accessory Kit for Semi Air Suspension Systems.

Drive-Rite Part Number DR.11.016512    

  • Dual gauge operation inflates the rear air springs independently.


  • CE E11 Certified Compressor - part number DR.12.015050


  • The Drive-Rite DR.12.016512 Air Compressor System is the quick and convenient way to inflate and deflate your vehicle’s air springs while on the go - from the cab of your vehicle. The last place you probably want to drive your loaded vehicle to is a service station to fill up your air springs. With a Drive-Rite Dual air compressor system, you can forget about having to search out an air compressor to inflate your air springs ever again!


  • With the touch of a button, control the pressure in your air springs . This is extremely convenient for changes in load or road conditions.


  • The gauge mounts in your vehicle’s cab and operates regardless of whether you are parked or on the road. The user-friendly gauge has easy-to-use inflate and deflate buttons to let you quickly inflate or deflate your vehicle’s air spring pressure.


  • The DR.12.016512 Air Compressor System provides a separate path airflow to each of your vehicle’s air springs. This means your left and right air springs inflate and deflate independently. This is most useful to level off-centre loads.


  • This system includes a standard duty compressor, wiring harness, air lines & Twin Gauge. A standard duty compressor will work well for most customers who use their system on an intermittent basis. The compressor mounts easily to your vehicle's frame and attaches to an air line that runs to your air springs.


  • You can install the system yourself in a few hours with the help of a fully illustrated easy-to-follow installation manual.


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