New Drive-Rite Part Numbers

Date:Fri, April 26, 2013 , 4:24PM

New Drive-Rite Part Numbers

Please note that from April 29th, Drive-Rite will introduce a new part numbering system.

Each “product type” has been allocated with a two digit code.

The unique Drive-Rite part number will relate directly to the old/original part number. This should help avoid unnecessary confusion!

For example –

Semi-Air Coil kit -  

W23-760-4117 will now become DR.01.014117

Semi-Air Leaf kit -  

W21-760-2428 will now become DR.02.012428

Full-Air Coil kit -  

W21-760-3168 will now become DR.04.013168

Air Springs -  

W21-760-6781 will now become DR.07.016781

Air Accessory kit -  

WR1-760-2236 will now become DR.11.012236

Air Compressors - 

WR1-760-9285 will now become DR.12.019285


All Drive-Rite paperwork (order confirmations, invoices, delivery dockets etc.), from April 29th will contain our new part numbers. This will be the case for new and existing orders.

We understand that it will take some time to adjust to these new part numbers, but we are sure it will prove to be a better system in the long-term.
We ask you to make the effort to use this new system when placing orders and making enquiries.

Our online product search has already incorporated the new part number system.

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