AMK & DRIVERITE - Moving Forward Together

Date:Tue, August 21, 2018 , 1:36PM

Standing still means going backwards!

This is a philosophy the AMK Group and Drive-Rite both agree upon. We have decided, not only due to this common vision, but as a strategic plan to move forward together with the AMK Group. We are delighted to announce that our company, Drive-Rite Ltd, has become a part of the German AMK Group, located in Kirchheim/Teck (Germany).

The AMK Group has been a market and technology leader in the sectors of Drives, Automation and Automotive for more than five decades now. Almost 1,000 employees around the world are deploying their expertise and their passion to bring even MORE DRIVE to machines, systems and automobiles.

The AMK Group has been supplying us since 2009 with extremely high quality "made in Germany" compressors. These are installed as the heart of our Intelliride air suspension systems for all our light commercial vehicles and SUV applications. This will not change in the future. On the contrary: This merging of the strengths and competencies present in both companies will enable us – and you – to gain access to an even broader pool of resources and expertise. Naturally, our HQ site in Dublin will continue as usual and your contact partners will not change. The management and team of Drive-Rite will remain in position and look forward to bringing new and exciting products to the market in the near future.

We are certain that this cooperation between our two companies will lead to a solid foundation for innovative and high-quality solutions, and we look forward to continuing our successful collaboration with you.

With best regards,

John Giles.

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