Brexit & Approvals - VCA / TUV / UTAC’s

Date:Thu, March 07, 2019 , 1:47PM

Type approval will no longer be valid for EU in UK and Vice Versa, with a No Deal Brexit.

Luckily we are not at type approval level, all our VCA / TUV / UTAC’s are at the technical service level of the EU Regulations.

We have confirmed with VCA (UK Authority) and NSAI (Ireland Authority) that the technical service reports remain valid post Brexit.

We monitor proposed changes in EU Law automatically via a VCA paid service, so are well aware of any changes that might affect our approvals.

We also have E11 for the ECU that was checked too and also remains valid, as it is ECE Regulation, and again not type approval.

For our approvals (technical services) they all remain valid

Please contact Drive-Rite if you have any further questions or comments

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