New Single Height Electronic Height Control System

Date:Fri, May 06, 2016 , 12:13PM

Drive-Rite are pleased to announce the release of a new single height electronic control system part number DR.30.014222 

This new simple to install levelling system when used in conjuntion with your air suspension system is capable of improving the handling and comfort of your vehicle.

The DR.30.014222 kit is an automatic levelling system. Once turned on it will operate without any assistance.

The Smart sensor supplied with the compressor system will tell the system to inflate or deflate to keep the vehicle level. It has a dwell range so that when the vehicle is going down the road hitting small defects the system will be idle. It isnt until the sensor gets out of this dwell range for 18 seconds that the system will react.

Kit DR.30.014222 comes complete with a top quality AMK Compressor mounted in a simple to install control box.

Please contact your Drive-Rite Sales Team for further details or information.

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