Nissan Navara NP 300 Kits

Date:Mon, March 14, 2016 , 3:14PM

Following the release of the new NP300 / Navara Drive-Rite are pleased to offer its range of suspension solutions to suit the latest Nissan Pickup models. 

The new Navara has two rear axle suspension setups and depending on the variant can be either leaf or coil sprung at the rear.

Drive-Rite offer solutions as follows :-

  • Semi Air Kit # DR.02.014005 to suit the leaf sprung vehicle.
  • Coil Rite Kit # DR.01.015029 to suit the coil sprung vehicle.

As always the kits are an easy to fit installation and offer all the benefits of a Drive-Rite system; from load levelling, better control and comfort, with improved handling and stability under laden conditions.

Contact your Drive-Rite representative for further information.

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