4 Corner HD IntelliRide Control Kit - With Horizon Leveling

Product Code:DR.30.010604


Compressor AMK x 2
Height Sensors 4
Valve Manifold 5/2x2
HandHeld Controller 4C Handheld
Air Reservoir        11.35 Litres (3 Gallons)                       
No. of Preset Heights Available 3
Manual Control Available Yes
Horizon Levelling Yes
Handheld Calibration Yes
Kit Weight 26 Kg



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IntelliRide ECAS Control

  • Generic Control Kits - suits all vehicle types and applications
  • Variable ride height - for access, off-road and high-speed driving
  • Horizon Levelling Feature Included
  • Load-levelling
  • Near-constant ride frequency - load independent
  • Variable spring rate with optional driver adjustment
  • Optimized geometry (Drive-line angles)
  • Improved Ride Quality
  • Improved head lamp aim
  • Easy Installation
  • Calibrate through Handheld
  • Windows based, user friendly calibration and diagnostic tools available on request

IntelliRide is a fully automatic, Electronically Controlled Air Suspension (ECAS) System. When fitted the system provides comfort while maintaining a programmed ride height irrespective of the load. Multiple vehicle heights are available at the push of a button. The IntelliRide system has automatic
load levelling at each height.

The IntelliRide system continuously monitors inputs and component performance as a means of increasing safety and durability. The system recognizes and responds accordingly to potholes, cross-articulation and extended turns. This intelligence prevents unnecessary activity and air consumption. The system even recognizes unachievable heights, assisting in the prevention of possible damage above or below the vehicle.

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